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Secure Networking

The premiere networking site for those in U.S. Naval Law Enforcement: Navy Security Forces (NSF) Master-at-Arms (MA), NCIS, Marine Corps Police, Coast Guard Port Security (PS)/Investigator (IV), and CGIS.

About Us

Our Mission

NAVCOPS is a private, non-government/military community of interest (COI) where those in naval law enforcement can network with each other. Since 1996, the goal has been to provide a space where discussions, sharing of information, and support can occur.

How to Begin

JusticeConnect COI

NAVCOPS is now on the FBI’s JusticeConnect system via LEEP ( our Community of Interest (COI) allows a Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) location for your to network.

Become a Moderator

If you would like to help moderate and support the NAVCOPS Network COI on JusticeConnect, you can! First join the COI and then contact us.


Share files, start a discussion, help someone with a question….there are many ways to contribute to NAVCOPS and it all starts with you.